Benefits of Econofrost Night Covers

Adding more value to current business operations

Energy Savings – Night Covers for Supermarket Refrigeration Merchandisers is the main reason why most retailers and food service vendors choose to install night covers. A night cover designed specifically for creating an efficient thermal barrier for open store cases will save energy. How much energy will be saved is dependent upon the attributes and type of fabric material used in the construction of the night cover.

When Southern California Edison (SCE) tested Econofrost, the results showed that in order to be effective and achieve the reported 36% energy savings, a night cover MUST possess low-emissive properties.

Aluminum has exceptional low-emissive properties and absorbs very little radiated heat from the environment, reflecting it back to the surroundings. Low Emissive properties are used to reduce thermal conductivity by suppressing radiative heat flow. By reflecting radiant energy and preventing it from entering the case, Econofrost provides for more efficient refrigerated case operation: the radiant heat originating from the store is reflected back to the store and does not enter the case.

Different covers with higher emissivities absorb more radiated heat and transfer that heat into the case via conduction. And further, other night cover providers base their documentation on the report by SCE, but the fabrics used in their covers clearly do not possess the properties and characteristics required by SCE to achieve the tested 36% energy savings. Therefore, any energy savings claims by those companies are unsupported and undocumented.

The Primary Benefits of Using Night Covers Include:

  1. Energy Savings
  2. Extend Shelf Life and Improve Appearance of Perishable Products
  3. Stabilize Refrigerated Display Case Temperatures
  4. Lower Operating Expenses in Display Fridges
  5. Power Outage Protection for Supermarket Refrigerated Display Cases

Extend Shelf Life and Improve Appearance of Perishable Products

Cut shrink rates in half and boost sales

In addition to saving energy by helping refrigeration compressors operate more efficiently, Econofrost thermal covers assist refrigeration equipment to maintain product temperatures below 41°F in accordance with NSF #7, thus prolonging product shelf life.

With varying humidity levels in supermarket display cases, and the heat and light radiation that continuously penetrates the open cases, perishables products soon wilt, discolor, lose moisture and fall prey to bacteria and pathogen growth. Shoppers pass on products that are clearly quite ripe which no longer look fresh and appetizing.

Fruits and vegetables in the produce section become dehydrated and wilted very quickly and the produce department has one of the highest rates of product discard and requires the most labor time to trim the displays.

Stabilize Refrigerated Display Case Temperatures

Achieve greater refrigeration efficiency

Benefits of Econfrost Night CoversMade from woven aluminum, Econofrost is engineered to work better and last longer than any other refrigeration night shield. Econofrost night covers for refrigerated display cases reflect 70% of the ambient heat that enters open display cases and prevent cold air spillage from the merchandiser when supermarkets are closed.

Since the effects of this temperature barrier last for up to 15 hours after the night covers have been put away, grocery store aisles stay warm, and refrigerated products stay cold. As a result, supermarket heating and refrigeration systems work more efficiently.

Lower Operating Expenses in Display Fridges

Protecting profit margins

When stores and institutions like food courts, cafeterias, schools and universities install night covers, they all save money and reduce operating expenses. First, the savings are generated in the form of energy savings, then additional savings are accrued in the form of product savings from reduced shrink rates.

Next, there is improved refrigeration efficiency helping the unit to last longer and require less servicing and maintenance, which can add up. Then there is savings attributed to the reduction in labor time from not needing to tend to the displays, to trim and remove spoiled stock.

Plus additional time is saved by utilizing Econofrost’s 8 foot length units which allow businesses to cover a greater length of space with less units. At the end and beginning of each day, the time required to operate Econofrost night covers is significantly reduced in comparison to other night cover brands who only offer 4ft lengths. And with Econofrost’s patented braking system all you have to do is release the night cover and walk away – there is no need to stay and guide the unit back into place, as Econofrost retracts smoothly and uniformly every time!

Power Outage Protection for Supermarket Refrigerated Display Cases

When the power goes out…

When refrigeration equipment stops operating due to power outages or equipment failure, product temperatures quickly rise and humidity levels drop in supermarket display cases. Produce wilts, meat products discolor and dry out and dairy products oxidize leading to premature spoilage and loss of valuable nutrients. What are your options?

If you have night covers, the first thing you do is deploy them so they can instantly protect valuable perishables by maintaining low, stable temperatures within the refrigerated display case until power is restored on longer term measures are implemented.

Regardless of why you elect to install night covers, you will benefit on many levels and the true cost of ownership for Econofrost night covers far exceeds any other night cover on the market. That is why, test after test, regardless of price, Econofrost is the preferred choice among leading retailers.

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