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How Do Supermarkets Cut Down on Trim?

Preventing unnecessary spoilage leads to more sustainable operations

A recent study conducted at a major US supermarket chain store showed that Econofrost reflective grocery store night covers reduced supermarket waste by 75%. The test demonstrated how reducing the amount of produce trimmed from food displays brought the store their return on investment in just over four months.

One store’s produce department manager reported an “average decline in trim from one barrel a day to one quarter barrel a day,” eliminating produce losses of $50 to $65 per day and reducing labor needed to maintain produce displays. It was reported that the store saved more than $8000 over a five month test period in the typical large supermarket setting.

With effective Econofrost thermal blinds to protect your refrigerated display cases overnight, you can reduce the costs of labor needed for daily trimming, rotating and maintaining the best fresh appearance of fresh merchandise.


How Grocery Store Night Covers Work

Night covers do more than just save energyhow do night covers work

Econofrost reflective grocery store night covers are thermal blinds that reflect unwanted heat and UV radiation outward and away from refrigerated display cabinets. The reflective woven aluminum barrier protects chilled foods from the warm air in the store and helps contain the chilled air inside the coolers to save energy and sustain longer product shelf life.

Econofrost thermal shields provide a simple hygienic barrier against energy loss that is designed to last for the life of the refrigerated display case. Econofrost grocery store night covers repel dust and prevent the buildup of moisture inside refrigerated food display cabinets. The aluminum woven fabric is polyvinyl coated, making the blinds easy to clean and maintain.


Additional Power Outage Protection

Keep perishables cool during power outages

Power outages can cause havoc in supermarkets with unprotected refrigerated cabinets, day or night. Econofrost thermal grocery store night covers can help maintain cold product temperatures for hours at a time and reduce the chance of irretrievable damage.

After three hours of the power being out, the temperature of any product throughout the store had not risen by more than 1 degree, resulting in zero product loss. The savings from this one incidence more than paid for the entire store-wide installation of Econofrost night covers.

Arizona Store Manager

When you factor in the reduction in product spoilage (discard & shrink), the cost of ownership is low, and the return on your investment

is fast, often less than a year. Protect your profit margin and perishable fresh foods, inquire about Econofrost thermal case covers now.

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