Econofrost OEM Night Cover Products

Econofrost OEM Night Covers

The 9000 Series OEM Version Non-Cassette

The #1 night cover in North America. The superior ergonomic design, robust construction, performance and of the 9000 series model has made this the “workhorse” night cover of the supermarket industry. This is the one all other brands compare to.

The 9000 series retains those characteristics of performance and reliability which makes Econofrost the world’s #1 brand of night cover, while adding features our customers have told us are important to them.

The new and improved stronger bottom profile rail now accepts a snap-on slim line handle and snap on magnetic fasteners which hold the night covers securely to the case.

Retailers enjoy the new low profile handle and magnetic fasteners which make Econofrost easier to use and less visible.

Sizes and Applications

Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft models with a vertical fabric length of 78 inches, the 9000 series easily attaches to most upright multi-deck, single deck, tub and coffin style display cases.

Ideal for produce, meat, dairy, deli, beverage and floral displays, the 9000 series will effectively help you meet your energy savings and shrink management objectives.

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