Insulating Store Refrigeration Cases

Protecting perishable fresh foods for extended shelf life

Perishable foods that are merchandised and displayed in open commercial display cases are hit day-in day-out with ambient light and heat that is very damaging, shortening the shelf life and fresh appearance of the item.night covers stabilize refrigeration temperatures

Each day, store personnel must tend to the displays, pulling any items that is discolored, wilted, lost moisture or no longer appealing to the shopper. Every time an employee pulls an item from the case, there is a cost incurred. While some retailers say that it is a cost of business, it does not have to be.

Some markets and specialty boutique stores are working hard to become more sustainable in their operations. And for many owners the answer is and always has been to install night covers.

Saving Money, Time and Product

An investment that makes a difference

Creating a insulating thermal barrier using a night cover does one of two things. First, it reduces shock to products that were exposed to fluctuating temperatures and ambient store conditions. Second, it extends the shelf life, integrity, food safety of perishable items for improved customer appeal and satisfaction.

Keep foods cool to extend shelf life. Stable temperatures mean less warming and melting – fluctuating conditions shorten shelf life, degrade food quality and challenge food safety.

Managers of food stores and supermarkets will see the wisdom of investing in night covers and achieving more efficient refrigeration systems. Econofrost night covers will help increase the efficiency of refrigerated display cabinets, protect valuable merchandising systems and reduce energy loss.

Plus they will also

  • Provide additional inventory protection during power outages
  • Maintain more stable and cooler case and product temperatures
  • Support overall food safety initiatives
  • Help extend equipment life and reduce service/maintenance costs

Many stores report that the aisles of the store are warmer, providing a more pleasant shopping experience for their shoppers, this is because the cold air is no longer spilling out from the case during night time hours. A night cover ensures cold air circulates inside the case, reducing the strain and load on the refrigeration system which allows it to operate more efficiently. In addition, the insulating thermal barrier that is created shortens the frequency and duration for which the refrigeration system must kick in to maintain the set temperature of the case.

For the shop owner the result is significant savings in reduced energy consumption and decreased volume of product spoilage. For the shopper the result is product that looks and tastes fresher.