Night Cover Design

Econofrost the Superior Night Cover

Comparing other night covers on the market

Since Econofrost retractable night covers were designed by engineers to meet the highest quality specifications for usage, efficiency and durability, how do they stack up against others on the market? One secret lies in the unique fabric engineered to create more than an efficient thermal barrier – a blind that is unobtrusive during the day, easy to install, and easy to operate.

The woven aluminum fabric is flexible and coated with a thin clear film. Made from food safe materials, the Econofrost fabric has tiny perforations to retard the accumulation of humidity that causes mildew and cultivates germs. Econofrost thermal shields are easy to clean so staff can ensure superior hygiene for your supermarket food displays.

True Cost of Ownership

Weighing the price and benefits against the night cover design

Econofrost’s lower true cost of long-term ownership is the most significant factor that sets it far above any other night cover on the market today.

When making a purchasing decision regarding night covers, the true cost of ownership must be carefully weighed against the initial investment, the projected savings and return.

These major aspects make up the foundation for Econofrost’s low cost of ownership:

  • Use of Aluminum Fabric
  • Chemical / Pesticide Free
  • Durability
  • Proven Reliability / Longevity (Modular Design)
  • Permanent Fixture

Use of Aluminum Fabric – Econofrost night covers utilize a woven aluminum foil laminated to a polyethersulfone backing for strength. The laminated fabric is then sealed with a polyethylene clear coat that exceeds UL94HB requirements, prevents accumulations of dirt, dust and mold and is easily cleaned with a mild detergent.

In addition, the fabric is perforated to exacting standards to prevent formation of condensation and is reinforced on the outer edges with a fiber material to prevent wear and tear, ensuring your night cover fabric lasts for years.

Chemical / Pesticide Free – Econofrost does NOT use nano-silver particles or other anti-microbial agents to coats its woven aluminum fabric because they are potentially hazardous and not suited for a food retail environment.

Durability – Econofrost’s patented hydraulic braking system ensures the night cover rolls up slowly and evenly every time preventing misalignment, fabric fraying and friction.

With a thicker gauge of steel, Econofrost’s spring mechanism is more durable and continues to provide trouble-free service even after thousands of retractions. For many other covers on the market, their price savings can only be achieved by offering low quality components including thin gauge nylon with no reinforcing core for their spring mechanisms. If a spring failure should occur, the night cover is rendered inoperable and the entire unit must be replaced.

Econofrost night covers protects your investment by only using top quality materials and providing Proven Reliability and Longevity by offering modular components that are easy and cost-effective to replace if needed. The rigors of a supermarket industry places heavy demands on night covers and without modular components the units represent a wasted investment. Even worse a night cover that cannot be easily fixed or repaired most likely ends up at the dump creating a further strain on our environment.

Permanent Fixture – Using high-caliber mounting brackets, Econofrost night covers are surface mounted onto the canopy of the display case (retrofit models) or inside the canopy (OEM factory installed models), and once installed becomes a safely operating permanent fixture that can be uninstalled and re-installed as required. So if new refrigerated cases are purchased, simply remove Econofrost night covers from your old cases and install on your new cases, it’s that easy!

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