Night Curtains – Best Produce Night Covers & Night Blinds

We manufacture produce night curtains for retail outlets and supermarkets where these perishable items are displayed in refrigerated display cases. What the produce night covers do is they create a thermal covering between the fresh fruit and vegetables and the outside temperature. The night blinds, in the long run, save energy and also improve shelf life of the products.

Energy saving is the primary reason for using night covers. Keeping the displays covered reduces energy loss as the displays don’t come into contact with outside temperature that is usually higher than the temperature inside the display cases. In this way, perishable products are kept at a consistent temperature.

If the refrigeration shuts down due to power outage or failure of equipment, the cover will save the items from spoiling quickly. In this situation, the cover can provide time to restart the refrigeration system before the temperature of the perishable items start rising. In other words, covering the produce displays will increase the shelf life of items in the showcases.

We can produce night covers that will suit individual needs as we’re experienced in making these covers for a wide variety of supermarkets and grocery stores. We call them “night covers” (also known as “night curtains” or “night blinds”) because the displays keep working through the night when there is no one shopping in the stores. At night, when you’re at home, the night curtains will provide 100% safety cover to your expensive perishable items.

If the refrigeration system fails for any reason, the covering will prevent the temperature of perishable items such as produce from rising, and you’ll get ample time to check the fault and restart the system. A small investment in high quality aluminum covering could result in big savings in the long run.

Another advantage of Night blinds is that they are easy to install and use. The covers only need to be set at the top of food display cases and then they can easily be moved up and pulled down in a hassle free manner.