Retrofit Night Cover Products

Ideal for all open refrigerated display cases

image of Retriofit Night CoverEconofrost 9000 Series Retrofit Cassette is the #1 night cover in North America. Retrofits to virtually any display fixture. Available in 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot models with a vertical fabric length of 78″. Custom sizes available.

Easily attaches to most upright multi-deck, single deck, tub and coffin style display cases. Ideal for produce, meat, dairy, deli, beverage and floral displays.

Considered the “workhorse” night cover for the supermarket industry, this is the one all other brands compare to. Superior ergonomic design, robust construction, performance and longest serviceable life.

Econofrost 9000 Series Retrofit Cassette NP is specifically designed for produce cases. With the same features and sizes as the 9000, the NP (non-perforated) model is designed specifically for produce wet racks to ensure maximum energy savings and protection for highly perishable produce.

Designed for moist environments, the fabric will resist scaling and corrosion from water borne mineral.

Reduces produce trim and discard by up to 75%! Improves appearance, freshness and quality of all fruits and vegetables.

Supermarket Refrigeration Case CoversEconofrost XL Series Retrofit Non-Cassette is designed specifically for Hussmann EXCEL display fixtures.

The Econofrost XL installs easily requiring no tools, is durable and utilizes a strap handle and magnet to fasten it to the display case opening.

With a much longer serviceable life and easier to use, the Econofrost XL will far outlast and outperform the factory brand.

Econofrost 7000 Series Retrofit CassetteCommerical refrigeration covers is our light duty version, modeled after the 9000 series cassette.

With a smaller bottom profile rail and cassette housing cover, the 7000 series installs on refrigeration units and merchandisers with tighter space requirements.

OEM Night Cover Products

For installation within OEM cases

OEM display case night coversEconofrost 9600 Series Non-Cassette is for both the OEM and retro-fit applications. The 9600 series non-cassette shares the same performance and value features as the cassette model.

Available in 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot models with a vertical fabric length of 78″, the 9600 non-cassette can be customized to meet specific needs.

The 9600 series non-cassette is designed to mount under the canopy, cornice or fascia on most refrigerated display case installations.

OEM motor electric driven night coversEconofrost Motor Driven Blinds easily retrofits to all open display cases. Ideal for refrigerated prep rooms and service areas.

Simply wire Econofrost Motor Driven Blinds into the stores energy management system and set them to automatically open and close when desired.

Available in 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot models. Custom orders and OEM options also available.

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